FosterClub's Outstanding Young Leader Awards

Every year, FosterClub spends months recruiting nominations and choosing 100 young leaders to be recognized for this honor. This prestigious award is given by FosterClub, the national network for youth in foster care, to exceptional former foster youth across the country who demonstrate leadership, personal accomplishment, educational achievement, and service to their peers.

FosterClub works and learns from countless young people from the foster care system who are true inspirations. These young leaders have persevered through challenging circumstances and are now finding different ways to give back to their community and disprove negative stereotypes about young people in foster care. On November 22th, 2013 it was announced that Robert Pono Heanu-Toyama, Nanglar Noy Worachit, & Gernani Yutob were selected as one of FosterClub’s 100 Outstanding Young Leaders of 2013.

Congratulations to Robert Pono Heanu-Toyama !!

Congratulations to Nanglar Noy Worachit!!

Congratulations to Gernani Yutob!!